JAST-Works Oy is a welding workshop that has been in operation since 2013, offering a flexible and reliable production of steel structures. Under the Snow-Line brand, the company specializes in the manufacturing of road maintenance products as well as contract manufacturing for those in the technology industry.


We have a very skilled and diverse 10-person production team. We offer different steel constructions with a material thickness of 1-30 mm. We produce diverse, welded, machines, and surface-treated constructions thanks to our own sandblasting and paint shop, located in our own premises. In addition to Snow-Line’s road maintenance equipment, we also offer various container constructions, conveyor belts, and truck pallets. You will find more information under the product-tab!


We operate locally in the Vaasa region, but also offer our products and services nationwide to all Finnish companies. Our premises are located in Vikby’s industrial area, near the intersection of the Vaasa motorway and Pori road, in a logistically excellent location. Welcome!


Our brand is Snow-Line, the snow plowing and edge filling equipment.

Each Snow-Line product is designed for demanding and professional use and has been developed in collaboration with our customers in order to serve them reliably.


In regard to the Snow-Line products, through our products we want to make everyday road maintenance and road construction work safer. When it comes to our steel structures and containers, we want to offer versatile, high-quality and sustainable solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers.

Quality and environment

We are constantly working to improve our methods and to be able to follow the trends. We want to develop our products, our professionalism and our cooperation with our customers, in order to offer the best possible quality, while taking into account the ongoing changes in the environment. For us, sustainability and corporate responsibility are important values and therefore, we take the financial, social, and social responsibility into account in our operations.

JAST-Works is audited by an external and independent certification body in accordance with the following standards:

  • EN-1090-2 certificate of conformity for quality control
  • Classification EXC1 and EXC2

The certificate was issued by Inspecta on 27-08.2014. The certification according to a recognized standard means that we have a method for continuous improvement.