JAST-Works Oy is a welding workshop that has been in operation since 2013, offering a flexible and reliable production of steel structures. Under the Snow-Line brand, the company specializes in the manufacturing of road maintenance products as well as contract manufacturing for those in the technology industry.


Our wide range of services allows you to effortlessly find diverse steel products


We tailor our products to the needs of our customers


Our skilled staff with years of experience guarantee work of high quality


Snow-Line plows effectively, removing slush, snow and ice from road surfaces. Snow-Line’s road widener effectively applies gravel to the edge between the asphalt surface and the ditch. All of our products are manufactured in Finland and are developed together with the professionals in road maintenance and snow removal, i.e. together with our customers.


We manufacture various steel structures with a material thickness of 1-30 mm. Our offer includes diverse welded and machined structures, for which we also provide surface treatment which we are able to perform in our own sandblasting and painting shop. We also perform installation work or our own steel structures, as well as those manufactured by others.


Our range includes diverse container structures, such as ash containers, wood chip-, sawdust- and transportation containers with a volume ranging from 10-40 m³. Additionally, our core competency lies in truck platforms and various conveyors, such as screw-, chain- and belt conveyors.