Snow-Line has been manufacturing snow plows for more than 20 years in Finland! Years of manufacturing experience and development for professional use have led to better products for the northern roads.

Snow-Line snow plows are designed to follow the slopes of the road, made possible by the free movement of the center disc. The frame is designed and constructed in such a way to prevent the plow from bouncing while plowing, increasing the comfort and workmanship.


The Snow-Line product range includes:


More information about the Snow-Line plows:

  • The working widths from the standard models are 3660 mm, 4000 mm, 4300 mm, and 4600 mm.
  • The equipment is specially designed for trucks and wheel loaders, as well as tractor-mounted models are available.
  • The plows can be manufactured according to the wants and needs of the customer, so that the plow is angled hydraulically on both sides or so that the plowing angle is fixed.
  • The plows can be equipped with inserts for slush snow, which improves the quality of the performance, and a Snow-Stop wing, which prevents the snow from accumulating in the intersections.
  • Our new product is the Snow-Line MT M pipe plow, which corresponds with the Snow-Line main road plow, but comes with a different, lighter design.


Available equipment:

  • Special blade for slush
  • Snow-Stop Wing