Road widener

SNOW-LINE CE-marked road wideners are designed for professional use in asphalting and contracting. The road wideners are suitable for all road construction and allow for fast edge filling between the asphalt and the ditch. The surface becomes flat and even all the way.

The road widener has its own container and is designed for spreading the material by a truck or tractor. There is a hydraulically controlled belt under the container, which releases the material at the desired speed. The road widener is raised and lowered during use and can be used on both sides, depending on the driving position and the work site.

  • The container can be dimensioned according to the needs of the customer. Standard volume: 1-3 m³.
  • Attachment:
    • Fitted to the back of the truck
    • Quick mount on a wheel loader
    • If necessary, we tailor a suitable mount for your machine
  • Technical information and dimensions
    • Device width: 2700 mm (truck version)
    • Device width: 2900 mm (wheel loader model)
    • Volume of the tank: 1-3 m3, depending on the model
    • The device weighs about 800kg when empty
  • Hydraulically operated motor that rotates the conveyer belt at an adjustable speed
  • The filling box is located on the right side of the unit in relation to the direction of travel. The box can be changed to the left side for a reverse driving count and its height can be adjusted using a hydraulic cylinder. During transport, the box is lifted up and lowered for its working position.
  • The road widener is supplemented with a hydraulically rotating brush that has an adjustable speed.
  • The road widener at the rear of the truck has taillights. For the wheel loader model, extra light is an option.
  • The road widener can be supplemented with a disc spreader, which enables the sand spreading in winter. The plate spreader distributes the material downwards and backwards.
  • The container and its support structures can be hot-dip galvanized or painted according to the wishes of the customer.
  • CE-marked and manufactured in accordance with the machine safety directives.
  • 12 month warranty.

A disc spreader can be connected to the road widener, creating a combi-device which is a combination of a road widener and a sanding device. The combi-device can then be used all year round: in summer as a road widener and in winter as a sander.

  • Video for road wideners for wheel loaders: Click here!

  • Video for road wideners for wheel loaders and tractors: Click here!

SNOW-Line road widener combi-device, without spreader


SNOW-Line road widener combi-device basic model

SNOW-Line road widener suitable for wheel loaders