Street washers and water tanks

SNOW-LINE CE-marked washing equipment can be connected to a truck, wheel loader or tractor, operating conveniently and easily. Thanks to the versatile moving head, the equipment enables the cleaning of even the most difficult objects to wash. It is possible to connect a high-pressure washer and a hose reel to the pressure washer. The product group of street washers also includes water tanks.

  • As a standard, the high-pressure washer swings 45o in both directions. The angle can be adjusted and manufactured according to the needs of the customer.
  • The washing pipe can be moved sideways 500/500 mm. To achieve the best possible result, the spraying bar can be adjusted to the optimum height, with lifting cylinders in a truck-fitted washer.
  • The pump is mounted according to the needs of the customer, for example, a Dynaset high-pressure- or diaphgragm pump.
  • There are two different spray bars of the street washers:
    • 28 mm spray bars are used when the machine is mounted with a high-pressure pump of 200 bar/50-60 l.
    • 60 mm spray bars are used in low-pressure models.
  • The length of the spray bars is: 2500-2800 mm.
  • There are 10-12 nozzles.
  • A high-pressure washer can be connected to the equipment:
    • The pressure washer has 200 bar / 50 l.
    • It swings hydraulically.
    • It has a 6/2 valve, that is controlled electronically from the cab.
  • Versatile moving head.
  • Can be installed with a hose reel, which is also available with a hydraulic reel.
  • The washer is CE-marked and manufactured in accordance with the Machine Safety Directives.
  • The warranty period for the washer is 12 months.

The product group of street washers also includes water tanks, with a standard size of 800l.

  • The water tanks can be dimensioned according to the needs of each customer.
  • The tank is made of 3 mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • The tank contains a suction pipe, suction filter and a non-return valve.
  • The standard adapter is a “Kunta 500”. Additionally, an adapter for the back of the loader is also available.
  • The working width of the washing equipment is 2-8 meters and the volume of the water tank is 600-1000 liters.